Q: A wholly foreign-owned enterprise imported a batch of equipment (injection molding machines, etc.) for duty-free customs declaration in the 1990s, which is now outdated. What procedures do you n...
一般贸易进口清关有进口到中国的货物可以找我代理清关,我们公司服务有:代理付汇,国际物流,买单进口,处理3C,申请对美关税免加增,破碎性检测,单证资质备案办理等General trade import customs clearance. For goods imported into China, we can act as an agent for customs clearance. O...
进出境货物径予放行政策适用口岸扩展至上海南港The port applicable to the policy of direct release of inbound and outbound goods is extended to Shanghai South Port11月23日,在洋山特殊综合保税区毗邻南港口岸的四号卡口,首批径予放行的24辆国产品牌整车正排列整齐地过卡、进港。这标...
The packaging containers imported by Enterprise A from the sea port in the form of temporary import and export are exported to the Comprehensive Bonded Area for verification. Now Enterprise B needs to
黄埔海关关于调整东莞片区出口危险货物包装生产企业代码受理和性能检验业务分工的通告Notice of Huangpu Customs on Adjustment of Code Acceptance and Division of Performance Inspection Business of Dongguan Export Dangerous Goods Packaging Produ...
On April 20, 2022, the international cargo terminal of Shenzhen Airport issued a notice to restore the cargo storage fee of inbound flights from 0:00 on April 21, 2022 to the original charging stan...
Guangzhou Customs supported Hong Kong's fight against COVID-19 and ensured a safe and stable supply of agricultural and food products to Hong Kong
In the past few days, the Hong Kong epidemic has affected the hearts of countless Chinese people. Affected by this, the transportation industry between Hong Kong and Shenzhen has been greatly affec...
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Experienced in the application of various policies and operation modes in the bonded area, the company has increased the flexibility of the supply chain for customers, reduced costs, accelerated circu
The warehousing companies in cooperation are stationed in Dongguan and Guangzhou, with convenient transportation. With 20 years of warehousing work experience, we have hundreds of warehousing staff, p
Provide professional import and export customs declaration and inspection services, relying on the company's good customs inspection relationship and rich experience in customs declaration and inspect
Provide import and export agency for all kinds of products, handle all kinds of export processing manual, export license and foreign exchange collection, import license and foreign exchange payment, c
Professional import customs clearance services, rich customs clearance experience of general cargo / food / chemicals / industrial equipment / medical devices and other products, foreign agents all ov