About us

Jinlong Import and Export Trade (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinlong Customs Broker") is a joint venture of China Customs, China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Administration of Foreign Exchange, Administration of Industry and Commerce, Taxation Bureau, Commission of Commerce, Food and Drug Administration, etc. A formal, professional and safe import and export agency company approved and established to provide import and export agency services for air, sea and express mail in all regions of the country. The service content covers foreign door-to-door delivery, foreign inland transportation, sea and air transportation, customs declaration and inspection, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, filing, international foreign exchange payment, foreign exchange collection, Chinese label filing, handling 3C certification, mechanical and electrical inspection, artwork approval, One-stop foreign trade services such as document production.

Jinlong Customs Broker provides services of importing EXW, CIF, FOB, CFR, CNF and other trade transaction methods, and undertakes high-quality trade types such as general trade, re-export trade, processing with orders, temporary import and export, express delivery import, and repair trade. service.

Jinlong Customs Broker is a professional import and export agency company in Guangdong. It involves thousands of import and export commodities, covering more than 1,000 enterprises, companies, universities, laboratories, scientific research institutions, embassies and embassies in China. Chinese offices, joint ventures, branches of foreign companies, traders, agents and individuals provide long-term agency import and export services.

The products involved are: mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment, instrumentation, electronic products, auto parts, transportation equipment and accessories, aerospace parts, imported food, wine and beverages, building materials, chemicals, plastic products, household appliances, medical Equipment, hardware, metal and products, sports, outdoor products, household products, knitting textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, handicrafts, art, jewelry, daily necessities, cosmetics, technical software, etc. We can also provide a variety of second-hand equipment in Guangdong, Import declaration of instrument products, etc.

The operators of Jinlong Customs Broker are all operators with more than 8 years of practical experience. They are very familiar with the regulations and policies of customs and commodity inspection departments. There is no gap in the docking of each link, and they can quickly implement data preparation, submission, processing, and Complete customs clearance tasks.

Service Hotline: +86-400-1608-260